Ultralight subframe

  • plataformas ultraligeras liderkit

    Technical documents
  • The Liderkit Ultralight subframe is made of 2 runners of folded aluminum sheet and crossmembers extruded aluminum profile. Compared with the galvanized subframe, the ultralight subframe is a 46% lighter.

    All assembly material (bolts, etc.) and brackets needed to fix the runners to the chassis are additionally supplied, as well as the angles to fix the crossmembers to the bottom profile of the box. The whole system is ready to be bolted and clinched.

    Every subframe is designed for a specific vehicle model, observing the norms given by the different vehicle manufacturers and bodywork limitations and respecting the length and width requested.

    Assembling the ultralight subframe is very easy, since all the parts are ready to be assembled with the bolts and rivets. Our ultralight subframe is specially designed for vehicles with a tonnage between 3,5 and 5,5 (total max. weight).