• detalle y esquema de paneles liderwood de liderkit
    1 Wood nucleus
    2 Wide range of thicknesses
    3 Polyester skin
    4 Resistant against ultraviolet radiation
    5 External and internal skin reinforced with fiberglass
    Commercial documents

    Technical documents
    1. The LIDERwood® panels made in-house consist of two polyester plates of a thickness of 1,6 mm, with a phenolic wood inner core. These three layers are glued with two-component polyurethane adhesive.

      Both external and internal faces are reinforced with fiberglass.

      All these characteristics give the product some special properties concerning strength and durability. Furthermore, LIDERwood® panels are UV-resistant and suitable for the transport of food.

      The higher thickness of the polyester confers robustness and resistance against impacts to the panels, as well as a greater elasticity in relation to the current plywood. Its level of brightness, very appreciated by customers, is the result of the production in a discontinuous way.

      Available colours: RAL 9016, RAL 9010, MB 9147, IC 194, RAL 9110, RAL 5017, RAL 1032, RAL 1021, RAL 1018. The rest of the colours are available according to the volume requested.

      Standard available thickness: 14 mm, 17 mm y 20 mm. Besides that, we can adapt to your requirements.