• detalle y esquema de paneles liderfoam de liderkit

    1 Insulating extruded polystyrene or polyurethane
    2 Wide range of thicknesses
    3 Polyester skin
    4 Resistant against ultraviolet radiation
    5 External and internal skin reinforced with fiberglass
    6 Possibility of internal reinforcement

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    1. LIDERfoam® panels made in-house consist of two main elements: the external and internal faces are made of polyester reinforced with glass fiber and an insulating inner core which may be extruded polystyrene (XTS) or polyurethane (PUR). Anyway, we could use a different insulation according to the customer’s requirements.

      The different layers are glued with a two-component polyurethane adhesive.

      One of the main properties is the lightness and versatility of the composition, since it allows a wide range of thickness, as well as internal reinforcements made of steel, wood, aluminum or any other element. It also offers the possibility of using internal PVC conducts for the electrical system.

      LIDERfoam® panels are very suitable for isothermal vehicles or fridge bodies thanks to its high thermal resistance. Furthermore, these panels are UV-resistant and they also offer the possibility to add different antibacterial components according to sanitary specifications or food standards.

      Available colours: RAL 9016, RAL 9010, MB 9147, IC 194, RAL 9110, RAL 5017, RAL 1032, RAL 1021, RAL 1018. The rest of the colours are available according to the volume requested.

      Standard available thickness: 18 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 70 mm y 90 mm. Besides that, we can adapt to your requirements.