Isothermal box bodies

  • One of the most powerful business lines and with greater impact of Liderkit is the design, production and marketing of isothermal and fridge boxes for transporting goods at a constant temperature. For that reason and as a consequence of the high demand of these units, Liderkit has a specialized trademark, exclusively dedicated to the development of this kind of products and called Liderkit Isothermal and Fridge Bodies.

    It is a product under expansion and growth, at both national and international level. Its range of isothermal and fridge bodies has homologations until 150m2 surface walls prepared to support and to isolate the cargo from outside temperatures, both positive and negative temperatures.

    carrocerias en kits isotermos Liderkit

  • carrocerias en kits isotermos Liderkit

    Isothermal product manufacturing

    After a thorough analyze of the order, the Liderkit Isohermal and Fridge Bodies Technical Office develops the design of the product to make. Then, the process of making the sandwich panels starts. This kind of box is a very advisable option considering its high protective properties since they are made of an insulating structure polyester coated at both faces.

    The next phase is the assembling of the box and its accessories, as well as the options requested by the customer. It is a production process where quality, security and respect for the environment meet and participate at every single stage.

International Law for Freight Transport

There are strict European and international rules regulating the freight transport, as the ATP normative (Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Food stuffs and on the Special Equipment to be Used for such Carriage).

Its main aim is to guarantee the cold chain during transportation on vehicles with perishable products in order to preserve their suitability for final consumers.

Types of isothermal homologations

IR (Reinforced isothermal body) IN (Current isothermal body)
k < 40 w/ºK/m2 k < 70 w/ºK/m2
Suitable for postive and negative temperaturas Suitable for positive temperatures

The box has to have a homologation certifying the insulating capacity of the vehicle, that is, the thermal conduction coefficient, which should be under 0,40 w/ºK/M2 for goods to be transported at negative temperatures. On the other hand and for the transport of goods at positive temperatures, the coefficient should be lower than 0,70 w/ºK/M2.

For that reason, the isothermal body is a product that guarantees the compliance with this kind of regulations. Furthermore, regardless of whether we transport perishable products or not, and considering the wide variety of existing laws in this field (it is not so clear what kind of goods has to be transported at regulated temperatures and what don’t), it is a product that offers the possibility of increasing and diversifying the type of transported products.

Commercial documents Technical documents

Standard equipment

  • Panels made of polyester with a white RAL 9016 coating.
  • Soil with non-abrasive coating polyester, smooth or non-slip colour grey.
  • Two drains in the front part.
  • Kick plate for protection of 270 mm in the entire inside of the box.
  • Rear frame in stainless steel with two doors with double hinge.
  • An indoor ceiling recessed led light in bodies up to 5500 mm and two in bigger bodies.
  • Upper drawer of tools and fenders, all made of black thermoplastic.
  • Led position lights.
  • Profiles in White aluminium RAL 9016 with GRP vertical or vertical White aluminium RAL 9016 with corners in thermoplastic.

    Optional equipment

    • Rail for fastening load.
    • System of multiple compartments by dividing panels fixed or mobile, manual or pneumatic drive.
    • Side door with a stainless steel frame with double hinge, recessed locks and reinforced floor to install an access stair.
    • Construction and assembly of subframe.
    • Pressed floor with external finish of polyester or aluminium barleycorn.
    • Additional indoor ceiling recessed led lights and connection plug.
    • Rail for meat transportation.
    • PVC curtains.
    • Sliding side door.
    • Floors-slip (suitable for the transport of meat) red and fish (blue).
    • Folding shelves.
    • RSetback for cooling equipment.
    • Double side door.
    • Hiding stair.