Who we are

Liderkit is a leader company in the national and international market producing box bodies which will be distributed in kits to be mounted. The main advantage of this product is its versatility, as well as the quick assembly and its high quality standard. Combining these characteristics we obtain a product very cheap, reliable, long-lasting and competitive in any market of the world.

The company has more than 230 workers.Its headquarters is located in Guarromán ( Jaén). Liderkit is present in more than 30 countries over the 5 continents and invoice a 60% of its sales abroad. Moreover Liderkit stands out for its strong investment in terms of Research and Development, enabling the company to obtain products and design, with more and more improvements, following customer specifications.

In 2003, Liderkit won the award for Exportation of the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Jaén.In 2013, the company wins the Innovative Company of the Magazine Andalucía Económica. In 2015, Liderkit earns the distinction of Family Enterprise from the International Institute San Telmo, and in 2016 received the award for its ‘Corporate Trajectory’ during the XI edition of the Ejecutivos Awards.

More tan 50 years of experience in this field

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The experience is one of the main advantages of Liderkit. Although it was founded in 1991 by a woodworker, Miguel Peragón, its story goes back to many years before. Miguel Peragón belonged to a modest family, but quickly his curiosities led him to learn carpentry and, in 1962, at the age of 18, he decided to become self-employed and he started to run a furniture company.

It was then that one of his customers asked him to make a box body for vehicle. From that moment, he started to get specialized and made a change in his career. In 1968, Miguel created Carrocerías Peragón. As the business developed very well, he set himself the objective of becoming leader in the production of box bodies in kits at a national level.


    In this way, he fused the words ‘Líder’ and ‘kit’ and Liderkit was born. In that moment the company had already 80 employees. At the beginning he did only aluminum box bodies. Later, and because of the need of offering new products, the other two companies of the group were created: in 1994 Prefabricados Peragón, to make sandwich and plywood bodies, and in 2004 Termocube, to make isothermal and fridge bodies.

    During these years Liderkit started to export all around Europe. The first external market was Portugal, followed by Central Europe. First, it was Germany and then Belgium, France and Italy.


      Thanks to the heavy workload, there arose the need of getting new and bigger facilities. So in 1999 Liderkit was moved to his current location, in the Industrial Zone Guadiel. More than 70.000 square meters located in an excellent position next to the motorway of Andalusia.

      In 2005 Liderkit made the step to Africa, where a new plant was established and a year later, in 2006, it was the turn of America. Afterwards, the company will manage to export all around the 5 continents, starting to operate in Asia in 2013 and Oceania in 2014.