Types of subframes and panels for floor of Liderkit

Liderkit has three types of subframes, specially designed according to specifications of the vehicle demanded by customer, with length and width under body builder’s norms. Assembly of these subframes is smart and easy, as every part is prepared for mounting, with screws or rivets.

The 3 types of subframes manufactured are:

    Furthermore, Liderkit manufactures 3 types of panel floors to be mounted on the different subframe models:

    1. Common floor.

    Is made of three layers of different material: a surface finish layer, a board core and a fibreglass layer. There is a wide variety of possibilities, because in addition to choosing one or another finish surface, it is possible to choose different thickness for the board plates, from 9, 12, 15 y 18 millimetres to 21, 25, 27 or 30.

    2. Common floor with insulation.

    This type of floor comes from the previous one but it includes an insulation layer (XPS or PUR) with different thickness, which allows to reach the desired total thickness of floor plate. Then, we have four different layers in this product: the surface finish layer, a board, the insulation core and the fibreglass layer.

    Combinations available for this model are also numerous because, adding the insulation layer, the total thickness of the floor plate may vary to reach the desired outcome. Thickness may vary in three steps: 56 mm, 69 mm and 90 mm.

    This model is still considered a common floor as there is no reinforcement piece included to fix it to the chassis.

    3. Reinforced self-supporting floor.

    It is a more complex product because it counts on some internal reinforcements aimed at enabling fixing accessories of the vehicles and other structures.

    Composition scheme will be similar to the previous insulating floor, but in the core XPS or PUR are combined with reinforcement pieces for correct functionality. For this reason, the floor plate would result in a surface finish layer, a wood board in between, the insulation layer with reinforcement pieces and a fiberglass layer.

    A broad number of combinations is also possible with this model, and cover the same thickness of the previous one: 56 mm, 69 mm and 90 mm.

    • Surface finish layers may present different texture and materials to meet customers’ needs. There are 5 different types, such as:

    Fibreglass barley-corn surface layer (grey).

    Aluminium barley-corn surface layer, only one piece.

      Fibreglass anti-sliding surface layer (grey or blue).

        Aluminium plates longitudinally displayed.Silent Floor model.

          Phenolic board.




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