The new Liderkit isothermal bodies are already moving around the world

The new isothermal body byLiderkitis already running around different European countries and the United States with successful results and a high level of satisfaction from customers and users.

This new body, developed by a group of specialists in the technical office of the Isothermal Division, has been consolidating a remarkable presence in the international marketsince last summer, when it was officially launched. This product presents renewed design,but especially quicker and easier assembly, making both production and mounting more effective.

Such demand became a reality thanks to a continuous productive process without wait times. In this way, we could have the unit assembled and ready to go in only one day. This optimization of the assembly process allows to extend the market, reaching new customers and building loyalty of the current ones.

Nuevo isotermo de Liderkit

After carrying out assembly, resistance and water tightnesstests, a new model of profiles was developed: a two-piece system. One internal profile is aimed at supporting during assembly, making pressure on the panels and hosting the internal wiring, and the external piece will give the product better finish. With this product line, Liderkit will try to achieve the next record in isothermal bodies manufacture: 10.000 units, after reaching the body number 5.000 recently.

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