The International Institute San Telmo rewards Liderkit Group with the Family Business of the Year Award

Yesterday afternoon 9th July, the XVIII Edition of the Family Business Award took place at the headquarters of the International Institute San Telmo, in Malaga, where Liderkit Group was one of the rewarded companies with this prize. It is an award given every year to business families of the South of Spain which have shown their capacity and effort to create social richness.

The Chair BBVA of Family Business of the International Institute San Telmo is awarded according to different criterion, as the family entrepreneurial tradition, the creation of companies in difficult environments, the internationalization, the diversification and innovation, the measures adopted to boost competitiveness or the adoption of measures to ease the longlife of the Family Company, among others.

Family Company

The International Institute San Telmo emphasizes that Liderkit Group is a company leader in the national and international market manufacturing body units in kits for vehicles to be mounted.

The company was started in the 60s by Miguel Peragón, a carpenter, and then different body units in kits started to be produced, working as a distributor of a German manufacturer. It was only in 1991 when the current Liderkit was founded.

In its more than twenty years down the track, the company, whose second generation is an active part of the executive team, has increased its business lines until the point that the 75% of its turnover comes from the international market, consolidating its products in markets such as Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Morocco.

XVIII Edition of the Family Business Award

Galardón Familia Empresa del Instituto Internacional San Telmo

Family Business Award of the International Institute San Telmo

The Award Ceremony has been chaired by Francisco de la Torre Prados, the Mayor of Malaga; Juan Cano Ruano, President of the Chair BBVA Family Business; Luis Llorens Abando, BBVA Corporate & Business Banking Regional Manager of Andalusia, Extremadura, Ceuta and Melilla; and Isauro López Polo, member of the Governing Board of the International Institute San Telmo.

Also present for this fact were relatives of the awarded companies and more than one hundred entrepreneurs, executives and politicians who every year attend this significant event for the business network.

Besides the Liderkit Group Peragón family, the other families awarded in this XVIII edition of the Family Company prize were Baeza family from Grupo Baeza; Díaz family from Grupo Control-Dimoba; Granados family from Instituto Español; López family from Construcciones Metálicas Pylsa; Pecci family from Carloteña de Asados; and Sarriá family from Francisco Sarriá.

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