The French army assembles a box body by the Spanish company Liderkit in Reunion Island

Approximately one year and a half ago, Liderkit box bodies started to run across Reunion Island, located in the Indian Ocean to the East of Madagascar, which became a French overseas department.

The final customers who normally order this kind of bodies are parcel service companies and clothing transport service. However, this time is different; it is the French army itself who wanted to test strength and lightness of the panels in the body by Liderkit, in particular the Sandwich 30mm model.

The subframe used in this case is the Ultralight model, which consists in 2 long rails in folded aluminium plate and crossbeams in extruded aluminium. This product offers significant advantages, as it allows 46% weight saving compared to the traditional galvanized subframe. Besides, Liderkit supplies the brackets and all necessary hardware to join the pre-drilled long rails to the chassis, and also the end clips for the crossbeams to join them to the body. In this way, the whole set is ready to be screwed or riveted.

The Ultralight subframe, advised for vehicles between 3,5 and 5 tones GVM, is designed especially for a specific vehicle which customers usually demand to Liderkit, with specific external length and width, meeting the manufacturer’s body mounting rules. Assembly is easy, as all the pieces are prepared to be screwed and riveted. There is an example in the following pictures.

    As for the kit for the army, it is the Sandwich 30 mm model, which has the 2-piece profile system and does not need external sealing or rivets; this method allows fast and much easier assembly. Moreover, it allows the possibility to apply any type of reinforcement in the panels, or kick plates and cargo tracks as well. It is built with LIDERfoam® panels 30 mm thick and has external polyester sheets, reinforced with fiberglass in both faces, as well as an internal core of extruded polystyrene. Here below an example.

      With 800.000 inhabitants, Reunion Island has more than 3.000 kilometres of road, built on special land that requires the top quality in vehicles, and hence, in the bodies mounted on top. This bodies have to guarantee watertightness and safety of the transported products. Namely, these bodies are going to be tested by the French army for the different missions assigned in the island.

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