The bodies by Liderkit, strength and endurance for safer road transport

Liderkit, the leading company in manufacture of bodies in kit, has grown and consolidated in the transport sector thanks to hard and resilient bodies. Made of light, eco friendly, recyclable materials, they offer top-quality safety features for road transport and they are specially designed to withstand all beatings and consequences of accidents.

As an example, this vehicle used by the state mail service in Spain, which recently suffered a bad accident when crashing and rolling over out of the road. However, the body mounted on this chassis, designed and manufactured by the Andalusian company, did not show any damages, as appeared in the picture below showing the moment when the truck is being assisted and carried by the car recovery unit from the company Grúas de la Chica.

A truck of the state mail service with a body by Liderkit being assisted after crashing and rolling over

And this is because products made by Liderkit offer high strength against extreme conditions, also possible thanks to a compact and sophisticated assembly system, which prevents the bodies from disassembling and falling apart when receiving a severe impact.

These features given by Liderkit according to the highest quality standards reinforce the brand name and value, which is broadly known for the quality and reliability offered by its products. This way, road transport and logistics in general benefit from top safety levels which result in extra protection for the driver and workers using the body, since manufacture of such compact and strong bodies protect the loading and avoid greater consequences in case of accident.

The sign EN-1264, is also capital for endurance and durability of the bodies

Reliability and safety of the bodies by Liderkit find proper backup in the EN-12640 certificate, endurance test which certifies conformity of the different cargo tracks models on the internal face of the walls. This sign verifies maximum tensile load of the lashing points available in the bodies, and it is a plus when talking about resistance.

But we cannot forget about the finest performance of the bodies with the fire. This has been a strong bet by Liderkit for internationalisation, where the panels and bodies in general have boosted their attractive due to these features.

Mail truck’s crash

Liderkit keeps working to deliver excellence and improved solutions to turn bodies into top quality products. By using last generation technologies and more modern and sophisticated materials, the Andalusian company is on the way to contribute to the design of a new concept of road transport, safer and more dynamic.

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