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We back up sustainability and environmental goals adapting or replacing our materials by eco-friendlier options.

Chromium VI has been declared toxic in anticorrosive treatments. For this reason, and as stated in the existing EU legislation, Directive 647/2021 of 15/01/2021, this material must be removed of all components. And so, our supplier Dacctors suggests an alternative: Zinc-Nickel. This finish shows some differences regarding the former one:

  • Similar appearance to galvanised matte finish.
  • Higher corrosion resistance.

Whilst bichromate coating offers 120 hours of resistance, the zinc-nickel pretends to offer up to 1000 hours red corrosion resistance in salt spray test conducted in special chambers.

Our customers will start receiving the new finish when the existing bichromate stock is over. Bolts and nuts needed after that moment will have the new finish.

Will something change in the new bodies? Ask us about your body and its contribution to environmental preservation.

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