• Some staff from Liderkit visited the biggest show of road transport in Britain, held in Birmingham

    Some delegates from Liderkit attended to The Commercial Vehicle Show 2018, the greatest exhibition of products in road transportation market in Great Britain. This was held in Birmingham last 24th and 26th April. This exhibition attracts more than 21.000 visitors, professionals of the sector, and among them Liderkit’s delegates could have meetings and talks with […]

  • New bodies by Liderkit in New Zealand

    Product by Liderkit moving around New Zealand It is more than four years since the bodies and products by Liderkit are sold and used, moving around roads in New Zealand. Customers and users in this country give more importance to stronger front walls, hard and durable floors and tight result in locks and doors’ sealing. […]

  • Liderkit and Morgan Corporation develop REEFERKIT, a project specially designed for fighting carbon footprint with lighter isothermal bodies and a leading automatic assembly system

    The Andalusian company Liderkit and the American one Morgan Corporation will be working together for three years in this ambitious project called REEFERKIT, whose goals are to develop a new range of isothermal bodies for road freight, manufactured in kits to be assembled in destination. These units will be lighter and able to accept higher payload, keeping the same cooling […]

  • Liderkit manufactures body kits for IKEA delivery trucks in Dubai

     This is a six-unit order which may increase up to 50. Liderkit has developed a special design, stronger and with silent floor, suitable for resisting high temperatures and running in hard-to-reach places. Liderkit has developed a special design, stronger and with silent floor, suitable for resisting high temperatures and running in hard-to-reach places. Guarromán (Jaén), […]

  • Representatives from Liderkit visit the international show SOLUTRANS 2017 in France

    Members of the delegation from Liderkit who atended to SOLUTRANS 2017, from left to right: Céline Thomas, Export Department; Miguel Ángel Olid, Manager of Technical Office; Juan de la Cruz Villar, Sales & Marketing Manager; and Miguel Peragón, President of Liderkit. Some representatives from Liderkit attended to the 14th edition of the International Show for […]

  • Liderkit makes special bodies for an easier access of people with reduced mobility to airplanes

    Liderkit, as a leading manufacturer of box bodies for vehicles at national and international level, offers outstanding capacity to design and develop increasingly more sophisticated and personalized products. In this sense, one of the last products made by Liderkit was a special tailor-made body, aimed at helping disabled passengers move around airports and allowing easier […]

  • Liderkit sends 50 box bodies to Tunisia

    Some weeks ago, Liderkit’s representatives travelled to Tunisia to advise the workers of an automobile company about the assembly of our body kits. Although the commercial relationship between Liderkit and the Tunisian companies started in 2013, it has been growing and consolidating along the years. In this time, customers could check the product and experience […]

  • Liderkit on the road: south of France

    This section ‘Liderkit on the road’ travels again to France, where we already were interviewing Carrosserie Industrielle Prevost, to check the level of activity in the market. This time is turn for JPM Fersol, a body builder company which dominates the market in the Mediterranean French coast, and which is exclusive supplier of Liderkit’s bodies. […]

  • Types of subframes and panels for floor of Liderkit

    Liderkit has three types of subframes, specially designed according to specifications of the vehicle demanded by customer, with length and width under body builder’s norms. Assembly of these subframes is smart and easy, as every part is prepared for mounting, with screws or rivets. The 3 types of subframes manufactured are: Ultralight Subframe (PLU), designed […]

  • Liderkit on the road: Czech Republic

    On this occasion, in the section of ‘Liderkit on the road’ we will deepen our presence in Eastern Europe. Especifically to Czech Republic. Jan Suchánek, Purchase Manager of Hagemann, costumer  of Liderkit bodykits from this European country, answers us on several questions about how our product is perceived in the Czech country: Question : How […]