• Javier Talavera: new R+D+I Responsible

    Javier Talavera started working at the leading body kit company in June 2006. However, he has previously worked at an automotive company whose work was verifying stamping and welding parts. Javier points out that this experience was a great advantage when he began his work at Liderkit, representing a great leap in his professional career. […]

  • Interview: Miguel Peragón Ortega

    Miguel Peragón comments that “In recent years we have incorporated relevant machinery in manufacturing, where Liderkit is growing substantially at a productive level, it means that we turned from doing largely manual processes, to fulfil them with the diversity of machines that we have today”. In addition, he states that the latest advances in the […]

  • De izquierda a derecha: José Manuel Vallejos (Director de Producción), Miguel Peragón Ortega (Responsable Desarrollo Industrial), Miguel Sánchez (Director de Exportación), María Esteban (Departamento de Exportación), Santiago Villar (Director de Ventas), Paco Girón (Operario de Logística), Gabi Winkler (Comercial de Liderkit en Alemania) y Hartmut Winkler (Comercial de Liderkit en Alemania)

    Liderkit exhibits its technology, production capacity and new logistics warehouse at IAA 2022 in Hanover successfully

    From left to right: José Manuel Vallejos (Production Manager), Miguel Peragón Ortega (Responsible of Industrial Development), Miguel Sánchez (Export Sales Manager), María Esteban (Export Department), Santiago Villar (Sales Manager), Paco Girón (Logistics Operator), Gabi Winkler (Liderkit representative in Germany) and Hartmut Winkler (Liderkit representative in Germany) The Spanish bodywork company Liderkit has participated with its […]

  • Liderkit presents its latest innovations and novelties in box bodies at the IAA 2022 in Hannover

    The Spanish truck-body-kit company Liderkit participates with own stand for the eighth consecutive time in the International Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA), the world’s leading exhibition for the mobility, transport and logistics sectors, which takes place every two years in the German city of Hannover. Between 20th and 25th September, Liderkit will present its new body-kit models and other […]

  • Manuel Ortega: 36 years working in body kits sector

    The origin of the manufacturing and exportation of Liderkit bodies dates to the founding of Carrocerías y Remolques Peragón in 1985. Although it is true that previously its founder, Miguel Peragón Espinosa, had years of work in this sector upon his shoulders. I joined the old company Carrocerías y Remolques Peragón doing bodybuilding work. At […]

  • Liderkit prepares its participation in IAA 2022 in Hanover

    IAA Transportation is a prestigious international trade fair for mobility, transport, and logistics, which is held every two years in Hanover (Germany). It has been held since 1897 and, since many editions ago, it is biannual. Due to its great influx and interest in participation bay the most important companies in the sector, it is […]

  • Liderkit incorporates sliding side doors in isothermal bodies

    Liderkit is developing a new sliding door system for isothermal or refrigerated vehicles that maintains constant temperatures inside. In this way, the body keeps insulating conditions inside, guaranteeing the optimal state of any product or merchandise that is transported. This mechanism is specially designed for last mile distribution, cause the door opens in parallel to […]

  • Properties of our materials

    Our workmate Antonio Momblant, from the Quality and Environment Department, tells us about environmental contributions that Liderkit makes to achieve a more sustainable and responsible commitment. It is a well-known fact that polyester has environmental impact. However, we care about making our product the most sustainable possible, maintaining the quality and resistance, which we are […]

  • Liderkit box bodies are exhibited in Expoactiva in Uruguay, an important show in the agricultural industry in South America

    The bodies and products made by Liderkit were present these mid-March in Expoactiva in Uruguay, this prestigious show about new technology in agricultural industry is the biggest show of this sector in the country, organised by the Rural association of the region of Soriano, in the south-western area of the country for 25 years. This […]

  • Liderkit shows its solidarity and support to Ukraine

    From Liderkit we want to show our firm support and solidarity to all the people and businesses in Ukraine, which have been hit by war attacks and bombings since last week. Three years ago, in May 2019, Liderkit could release wonderful news about the exportation of our kits to that distant place in Ukraine, thanks […]

  • Special project: cooling tunnel

    Last November 2021, a very special project developed by Liderkit finally arrived in its destination. This project started up in March and in the present day it is already working full capacity. They are two cooling tunnels manufactured with insulating panels 200 mm thick, with wood reinforcements inside. To achieve required insulation, then cooling units […]

  • Transfrigo: efficiency and sustainability

    Liderkit is eco-friendly. And, to help the environment, the R & D Department (Research and Development) is involved in the project «Transfrigo», with environmental concern as key motivation. To develop this project, we pursue a weight reduction in our isothermal bodies. Firstly, we study the feasibility of an insulating panel 30 mm thick for refrigerator, […]