New isothermal fridge bodies of Liderkit Group in New Zealand

The new isothermal fridge bodies of Liderkit Group are already working on the streets of New Zealand from the moment when the container sent from Guarromán (Jaen) arrived two weeks ago with all the bodies in kits to be mounted.

Last March we announced that the new bodies had landed in the country located at the southwest of the Pacific Ocean, and now it is the turn of the isothermal bodies of the specialized brand Liderkit Isothermal and Fridge Bodies, one of the most recommended options because of its high protective properties, since they are composed of an insulating structure recovered by polyester at both faces.

These isothermal and fridge bodies will be used for maintaining the loading transported by the vehicle at a constant temperature and have international homologations which guarantee the loading and the compliance with the different environment and quality regulations of each country, indispensable for the export process.

For that reason, and even though no perishable goods are transported, it is a body which offers an exclusive tightness regarding the loading, and also the possibility of diversifying the range of products to transport.

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