New bodies by Liderkit in New Zealand

Product by Liderkit moving around New Zealand

It is more than four years since the bodies and products by Liderkit are sold and used, moving around roads in New Zealand. Customers and users in this country give more importance to stronger front walls, hard and durable floors and tight result in locks and doors’ sealing.

In this regard, the wide range of features for isothermal bodies by Liderkit has shown a strong growth over the past years. A good example of this favourable trend are the bodies specially produced for the food company Bidfood.

It is a closed box body to mount on a MAN chassis, 7,5 metres long, prepared for keeping products in separate compartments with different temperatures. This is a big unit with great capacity, but suitable for delivering in big cities.

NuevaZelanda Liderkit

This type of products can also be found in other points of the continent, Australia in particular. And the strong presence in Oceania makes it essential for Liderkit to comply with international legislation in the automotive sector. For this reason, our company has several international certifications and homologations which guarantee loading security and compliance of environmental and quality regulations in every country.

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