Manuel Ortega: 36 years working in body kits sector

The origin of the manufacturing and exportation of Liderkit bodies dates to the founding of Carrocerías y Remolques Peragón in 1985. Although it is true that previously its founder, Miguel Peragón Espinosa, had years of work in this sector upon his shoulders.

I joined the old company Carrocerías y Remolques Peragón doing bodybuilding work. At the beginning I did all kind of tasks.

In 1986, a year later, Manuel Ortega begins to be a member of the company. Nowadays, he is the second eldest worker and he is the Production Coordinator and Responsible of Profile Cutting Section. We spoke to him to learn about his experience and impressions in this long way through the bodybuilding sector.

«It was in 1986 when I started working with Peragon family. I joined the old company Carrocerías y Remolques Peragón doing bodybuilding work. At the beginning, I did all kinds of tasks: welding, painting, polyester coating, bodybuilding…

Once Liderkit company was founded in 1991, I moved to aluminium cutting section. Some years later, I carried out tasks of Production Manager».

There are great challenges in so many years of work in this sector. Manuel talks about work challenges he had faced:

«On a personal way, I could say that the main challenge has been adapting to changes and progress of the company over these more than thirty years.

And on a collective way, I think the biggest challenge was overcoming the different periods of crisis, especially the one that hit us between the years 2008 and 2013».

Manuel tells us that about the functions he carries out there, he does not like some tasks more than others. He does not avoid problems or take tasks easy, so it allows him to not have priorities when he is working.

In addition, he highlights that the atmosphere in Liderkit is familiar and there is a close relationship with owners and responsible of the company. Although he is not complacent, he points that teamwork may always be improved.

CWorking in the company for many years, we suppose that Manuel has some anecdotes to tell us. And, after asking the question: “Can you tell us an anecdote that happened to you while you were working?”, Manuel answer:

«You can imagine the anecdotes that I can have in 36 years in Liderkit… But, if I have to tell you an anecdote, I am going to go back to 1991, just before the foundationof Liderkit.

At that time, managers of the company decided to send four workers and technicians to Germany with Manuel Peragon (son of the founder) to carry out a training work for a month. There we were going to be taught everything related to the manufacture of body kits.

After a long travel driving in a car to Germany, five workers arrived at the factory facilities where they were going to teach us. Next day, very early and with hardly any rest, we had to be on the facilities. At 12 p.m. the siren sounded, and all German workers disappeared to eat. We said that we would eat later because we were going to continue with our Spanish custom of eating at 2:30 p.m.

But, when it was lunch time, there was not any opened establishment. I did not know where to go. So, we spent all day without eating anything. Next day, when the siren sounded, the firs ones to disappear were the Spanish workers».

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