Liderkit sends 50 box bodies to Tunisia

Some weeks ago, Liderkit’s representatives travelled to Tunisia to advise the workers of an automobile company about the assembly of our body kits. Although the commercial relationship between Liderkit and the Tunisian companies started in 2013, it has been growing and consolidating along the years. In this time, customers could check the product and experience the efficient properties of Liderkit’s box bodies.

After some weeks exchanging ideas and tests over the product, advising the customer about the most suitable option for its requests, we have received a new order for 50 units: 25 isothermal box bodies and 25 units in Plywood, both 14mm and 20mm.

This video shows assembly process of the box body on the vehicle.

Liderkit is prepared for these important orders thanks to its production process, which combines all the stages in the development of the product, enabling processing big orders in a shorter period of time. Moreover, Liderkit guarantees that quality, safety and environmental concern are inherent parts of every stage in this production process.

In Plywood box bodies by Liderkit, side and front walls are made of plywood panel core with two reinforced polyester sheets in external faces. Meanwhile, isothermal bodies have different homologations which reach up to 150 m2 surface of the walls; they are prepared for supporting weight and insulating goods from external temperatures, both positive and negative.

Know more about isothermal bodies and plywood kits.

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