Liderkit patents an innovative germicidal treatment for the decontamination of the interior of the bodies which transport medical products or food

R+D+I with transport sector face to COVID-19

  • It is a new additive material, with self-cleaning qualities, which decontaminates the surface where it has been applied in the presence of ultraviolet light.
  • Liderkit has applied this pioneering technique in its entire range of bodies.

The Andalusian company Liderkit, leader in the manufacture of bodies, has patented an innovative treatment at a national and international level focused on the decontamination and disinfection of its bodies, which transport all kinds of goods, such as medicines or medical products. It is a new material added with particles of titanium dioxide and alumina, which has been shown to contribute to the prevention of COVID-19 transmission. This highly effective germicidal application has been recently recognized by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

This material has self-cleaning qualities, such as biocidal and deodorizing properties, which decontaminate the surface where it has been applied in the presence of ultraviolet light. In this sense, the walls inside the Liderkit bodies where this disinfectant novelty has been administered, exposed to the action of ultraviolet LED lamps installed inside the vehicle, achieve a 99% disinfection.

Liderkit’s R+D+I team has managed to patent this pioneering treatment that, thanks to 254 nanometer ultraviolet radiation for environments and surfaces, is positioned as a prepared method to complement cleaning and disinfection protocols in the Transport area. Liderkit is in the first phase of implementing this novelty in its range of isothermal and refrigerated vehicles, exclusively produced for the transport of goods at controlled temperatures, such as medical products or food.

With this advance Liderkit is positioned as a leading company in the Transport sector when offering products that guarantee strict security measures to minimize the spread of diseases in general and as a complementary tool for fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Bodies that, in addition to disinfecting, decontaminate

This innovation with bactericidal properties inside the bodies to promote the disinfection of the transported products represents a new milestone generated by the ECOTRANS project, a Liderkit investigation aimed to the reduction of the environmental impacts of the transport of goods.

ECOTRANS Project, started in 2017 and lasting four years, will allow Liderkit to produce photocatalytic bodies that decontaminate the city while driving on the roads without investing energy thanks to materials with advanced properties that, in the presence of sunlight and humidity, decompose nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds, harmful to health and the environment.

Medecine transport regulation

Although the transport of medicines is not regulated by the ATP regulation for the transport of perishable goods, in late 2013 the European Commission published a guide to good medicine distribution practices to help distributors to carry out their activities.

In this sense, Liderkit guarantees that its bodies fulfil with the conditions established in this guide of good practices with the design and manufacture of isothermal and refrigerated bodies adapted to this type of transport, where the lashing and storage of the loading is also essential in order not to compromise the quality of the medical products being transported.

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