Liderkit on the road: south of France

This section ‘Liderkit on the road’ travels again to France, where we already were interviewing Carrosserie Industrielle Prevost, to check the level of activity in the market. This time is turn for JPM Fersol, a body builder company which dominates the market in the Mediterranean French coast, and which is exclusive supplier of Liderkit’s bodies.

Chokri Ferchichi, from JPM Fersol, answers to some of our questions about how customers see our product in his country:

    Question: How are Liderkit’s bodies regarded in the area of Marsella?

    Answer: Body kits by Liderkit are usually very well accepted; people really like them. We have been working with this product for a long time now, and we know it is reliable. In addition, it has very good aesthetic result.

    Q: Which is the intended use of these bodies?

    A: They are intended to serve very different purposes, as Liderkit offers the possibility of adapting its bodies for specific uses depending on the equipment chosen by customers. For this reason, the range of possibilities is quite large. In addition, the final customer has very different origin, which ranges from any type of carrier, even self-employed people, to little or big courier companies at international level.

    Q: Which is the most popular and successful model in your country?

    A: Definitely the Sandwich model, because it offers a significant advantage in weight as well as unique insulation, which are not possible with other models. Nowadays, taking into account weight restrictions on light vehicles, 3.5 tones, this model is becoming more and more demanded replacing the Aluminium and Plywood kits normally used for this kind of vehicles.

    Q: What is the main feature of Liderkit?

    A: Commitment and mutual trust between our companies. After so many years of commercial relationships, treatment is similar to what you find between partners rather than between customer-supplier. We have carried out a lot of joint projects which give us great satisfaction.

    Q: What is the main strength of Liderkit from a user’s point of view??

    A: Delivery times, they are short and reliable, as well as the quality after-sales and customer service. Moreover, bodies and products by Liderkit have good quality-price relation.

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