Liderkit on the road: Reunion Island

In this new section called ‘Liderkit on the road’, we are going to deepen on our projects in Reunion Island, where we already announced about the new shipment of our box body kits last February.

In this respect, Robert Dambreville, Liderkit’s client in this island located to the East of Madagascar, analyses the boxes most demanded by customers in this area of the Mascerenes Islands. He especially highlights that lightness of the product is mostly appreciated to get a good payload in 3.5 tonne vehicles.

We must say that Liderkit has sent three different box models so far: Plywood 14 mm, especially designed for vehicles up to 7,5 tonnes GVW; Sandwich 30 mm, whose front and side panels are made of LiderFOAM® panels 30 mm thick; and Aluminium, built with a two-piece profile system which allows extraordinary quickness and simplicity for assembly.


Rear view of the Liderkit’s box-body assembled in the vehicle in Reunion Island

Here, Robert Dambreville answers to different questions about how our product is perceived in this region depending on France and located in the Indian Ocean:

Question: How well accepted are Liderkit’s body kits in Mascerenes Islands?

Answer: They have been a great success. During the twelve months we have been operating here, we have received many orders from the same customer, so 2015 and 2016 have been a period of consolidation with good results for our products.

Q: Which is the intended use of our products in this country?

A: In most cases, the box bodies are intended to supply and carry out multiple parcel services; although they have been also applied for transporting textile goods in other cases.

Q: Which is the most popular product in Reunion Island?

A: The Aluminium model, especially due to its lightness and easy repair. In addition, it offers a quick and easy assembly, something really appreciated for its use. Another successful product in Reunion Island is the Ultralight Subframe, which allows saving more than 45% in weight regarding other types of subframes.

Q: Which characteristics would you highlight from Liderkit?

A: First of all, Liderkit counts on a dynamic and efficient team, something highly valued in this business where meeting deadlines is essential to keep customers satisfied. I would also emphasise their initiative and commitment in all the new projects that are arising.

Q: Which is the added value offered by Liderkit unlike its competitors in Reunion Island?

A: The quality of the finishing in their box bodies, as this company has well trained professionals, good facilities and technical equipment which make products with high quality raw materials. Design is also important as they can make any sketch possible.

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