Liderkit manufactures body kits for IKEA delivery trucks in Dubai

  •  This is a six-unit order which may increase up to 50.
  • Liderkit has developed a special design, stronger and with silent floor, suitable for resisting high temperatures and running in hard-to-reach places.
  • Liderkit has developed a special design, stronger and with silent floor, suitable for resisting high temperatures and running in hard-to-reach places.

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Guarromán (Jaén), 30th January 2018. The Andalusian company Liderkit has manufactured six bodies in kit for IKEA plant in Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (EAU), intended to be part of the delivery fleet of the multinational Swede company in the Middle East. Moreover, this order could grow up to 50 units, regarding the new needs for distribution and freight that may arise in the short term for IKEA there.

Namely, the model chosen for the purpose of such a significant order was Plywood 14 mm, with dimensions 2 metres high and 5,5 metres long. This is one of the strongest products by Liderkit, and the best option when driving in this type of countries, where roads and ways to access to industrial areas are most irregular. In this sense, the body also has a sandwich 30mm panel roof, specially designed for enabling perfect insulation and high performance in extreme weather conditions, keeping load at constant temperature.

According to Juan de la Cruz Villar, Sales and Marketing Manager of Liderkit, “this cooperation agreement was possible thanks to Precision Machinery, which started contact with IKEA and was in charge of assembling the kits and their subframes, as well as carrying out the electrical installation according to local standards”.

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Lead times Jaén-Dubai

The body sent by Liderkit to Dubai has a one-metre-high galvanized kick-plate to protect the walls from beatings and other damages, so extending useful life of the body. There are also two e-track strips and LED dome light with motion detection. In addition, the floor plate of this box is silent floor model by Liderkit, made of longitudinal aluminium plates; this way, all movements and displacement of the load inside the body will be the easiest and quietest possible.

Productive capacity of Liderkit, which involves all stages of product’s development thanks to its well-equipped facilities, enables fast and effective completion of the projects, which are ready in very short time. This time, the body kits made in Jaen reached Dubai through Valencia’s port in just three weeks.


About Liderkit

Liderkit leads national and international markets building bodies which are sold in kits to be assembled on the vehicle. Their main facilities are more than 48.000 m2 in Guarromán (Jaén), what helps them to export to more than 30 countries in the five continents.

Nowadays, the company from Jaén, founded in 1991, has homologations which are more and more demanded in different countries around the world, such as those related to environment EN ISO 14001 and quality EN ISO 9001, the European safety certification XL EN 12642 and the resistance certification EN 12640.

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