Liderkit makes special bodies for an easier access of people with reduced mobility to airplanes

Liderkit, as a leading manufacturer of box bodies for vehicles at national and international level, offers outstanding capacity to design and develop increasingly more sophisticated and personalized products.

In this sense, one of the last products made by Liderkit was a special tailor-made body, aimed at helping disabled passengers move around airports and allowing easier access to airplanes for those with limited mobility. This body has reduced dimensions, several windows, air conditioning and some fixing points to guarantee fastening and safety of people on board.

This body is special for its small dimensions, about 4,30 metres long, as the standard dimension for this type of units is around 6 metres. This feature helps PRMs move around easily in little airports and get on board comfortably.

    Liderkit has also adapted special units for supply vehicles in airports, like those carrying catering service for aircrafts. In these cases, it is worth highlighting the lack of windows, the cooling machine to keep food at controlled temperature or the special lashing rails in sidewalls.

    In addition to these products, Liderkit is now building some units, 9 metres long, adapted to Airbus A380.

    Liderkit is famous for the strong investments in R&D, which give the opportunity of developing improved products and design, following instructions from customers. This great effort made in research enables Liderkit to reach and improve production and targets constantly.

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    Airbus A380

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