Liderkit Group send two new Fridge Bodies to Tunisia

The company from Jaén Liderkit Group has just sent two new Fridge Body items to the North African country, Tunisia. Design, production and marketing of this type of box bodies, allocated to keep the transported goods at a constant temperature, is one of the most powerful lines in Liderkit Group and the one with the best future projection worldwide.

For this reason, Liderkit Group has one specialised brand, devoted exclusively to the development of this kind of products, named: Liderkit Isothermal and Fridge Bodies.

This way, Liderkit Group, which started commercial actions with the Tunisian country in 2013, continues providing the different companies from this North African country keeping with its ongoing commitment with internationalization. Supporting this Project, the company from Jaén holds different international homologations.

Its variety of Isothermal and Fridge Bodies holds homologations which reach a surface of 150m2 in the body’s walls, and they are prepared to support and insulate the merchandise from the outer temperatures, both positive and negative.

For this kind of orders, the Technical Department of Liderkit Group starts developing the design of the product and the early process of production, with the cut of panels which will form the fridge box body. Later, the assembly process of the box follows, together with the different standard accessories and those extra options required by the client. It consists of a integral where quality, security and environmental respect are inherent part of each one of its stages.

tunezPicture of the capital of the Tunisian, where Liderkit Group has sent new products

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