Liderkit enhances its brand image for the 30th anniversary

Liderkit reaches 30 years old! The leading manufacturer of truck bodies in kit has evolved significantly in the last three decades, together with its products. For this reason, this 2021 the brand image and the corporate logo has been renewed on the occasion of this anniversary, showing an updated more stylish look.

The bodies, which drew more squared lines in the past, and a rougher appearance, have been turning to a more sophisticated and smarter look, with more precise style and rounded shapes. This is shown in the corners and the construction of the current bodies. And this is because materials used are more evolved and robust, bringing aerodynamic benefits together to the whole vehicle.

These changes in manufacture define the restyling of the brand, which comes to mirror this evolution through its logo. Ultimately, the corporate logo will show a rounded shape, more attractive in accordance with the new times, like its truck bodies. This change embodies vanguardism of Liderkit.

Moreover, the firm has created a second application of the logo, to commemorate this special celebration:

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