Liderkit creates a new department for Technical Support in manufacture of truck bodies completely cost-free

Liderkit, the leading company in manufacture of box bodies in kit, has set in a new department for free Technical Support, matching up with the celebration of its 30th anniversary. This department is aimed at solving all possible doubts from existing or potential customers about bodies and their mounting. This way, customers get advised directly about the best choice for their needs, accounting functionality, accessories and structural solutions that suit their requirements best.

The development of this new area means an important commitment with comprehensive communication, which enables a better experience for professionals, companies and common users. Liderkit tries to help them taking the right decisions, intended to increase performance capacity and usefulness of their service and product.

The new department will be at the complete disposal of everyone interested as a fast-track procedure to solve questions about projects or bodies by Liderkit, dialling the number 953 67 80 41. This service offers technical support and expert advice of great professionals to install the newest lashing rails, to maximize payload and reduce weight of the body or to make the best choice for special projects and designs, among others.

The new Technical Service Department of Liderkit will offer custom-made solutions for your queries

Thirty-year experience which offers reliability and guarantee

Significant experience and expertise in logistic sector and road transport blend to offer the best support and make our customers more competitive and professional in their projects. This is a free service available for those customers who do not have their own technical resources or design tools and it is a must in current quality bodybuilding.

In this regard, there will be a broad set of options and possible solutions available for the design and manufacture of bodies, this means an added value in the relationship customer-supplier, building consolidated feedback and strong loyalty.

Complete assistance with all means at your disposal  

The new Technical Service Department of Liderkit offers comprehensive direct technical support through all possible means. Customers will receive information and counselling through different communication channels like telephone or the multiple video-calling apps: WhatsApp, Zoom or Teams. And if necessary, face to face meetings could be arranged for clarifying doubts or special assistance needed.

For this purpose, our most experienced staff will be in charge of giving advice and support about our bodies and general issues of bodybuilding, together with a competent sales team who are constantly updated and aware of the latest innovations in the sector.

This way, Liderkit gives a major step forward in quality and aftersales service and, creating this service, security and wellbeing of customers become top-ranked priorities. Expert knowledge completely available for choosing the best and most competitive products in the market.

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