Interview: Miguel Peragón Ortega

Miguel Peragón comments that “In recent years we have incorporated relevant machinery in manufacturing, where Liderkit is growing substantially at a productive level, it means that we turned from doing largely manual processes, to fulfil them with the diversity of machines that we have today”.

In addition, he states that the latest advances in the production process have considerably improved execution times and quality of the final product. The best machinery on the market has been acquired lately to improve daily manufacturing processes.

In Liderkit, working areas have also been adapted to speed up the production and keep constant temperatures so as to avoid defects during the manufacture of the kits. Other improvements have been the incorporation of machinery and elements to increase workers’ safety and avoid excessive effort during their work in the factory.

Miguel Peragón highlights the acquisition of the painting booth for powder coating of the pieces, which was announced some time ago to customers and followers. This type of tooling enhances both finish and quality of the final product, and reduces production times as well, allowing faster delivery.

Most valued properties when acquiring new machinery, according to Development and Processes Manage, are: good after-sales service by the brand, the brand-name and its prestige, and, mainly, that it can be connected to the factory’s network. With this last point, the department in charge of this activity can send the programmed order to the machine from their workplace. Then, the worker revises placing of pieces and applies the program to speed up production.

To acquire new machines, experience with previous machinery with the same functionality is also observed. The best way to find out needed features is to test a machine with similar characteristics.

And next answer is related with this issue precisely. Miguel Peragón answers about what happens with the machines that perform their function, but a better one is acquired, and it depends on the machine and it functions.

A great example is the transition from the punching machine to laser cutting which was a big step to improve quality and significantly reduce cutting times. Punching machine has been used to present day, despite having two laser cutting centers, one of them recently acquired and with improved properties compared to the previous one. However, the activity of the punching machine for Liderkit products has become obsolete.

Another example is one of our machining center, which was purchased a few decades ago and it have not been planned to replace so far. It is true that a series of improvements have been made to all the machines requiring it.

For correct maintenance and guarantee the durability of the machinery, Miguel Peragón informs that both preventive and corrective maintenance must be carried out from time to time. Liderkit anticipates possible problems or errors that appear in machinery. For this, preventive maintenance is essential since for safety of the worker who controls the machine; and so production is not interrupted due to possible errors that could have been foreseen.

However, sometimes corrective maintenance is unavoidable. Liderkit maintenance department anticipates possible failures, but many of them are difficult to identify, and there is no other choice but to opt for corrective maintenance.

Lastly, Liderkit’s Development and Process Manager announces that he is waiting to receive new machinery that will mean a great advance. In addition, Liderkit continues studying possible improvements in machinery and processes to offer the best quality in the shortest time.

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