Facilities and Production

Liderkit has one of the biggest plants in Europe in this sector, with more than 70.000 square meters. It is strategically positioned in a busy enclave with very good communications: the Industrial Park El Guadiel, located in Guarroman (Jaen), next to the motorway A-4 or Autovía del Sur (Southern Motorway, previously known as Motorway of Andalusia).

These facilities have successfully passed the quality audits of international standing and big brands in the automotive sector.

  • Technology

  • Automation

  • Experience

  • Productivity

  • Excellence

  • Efficiency

  • Method

  • Ability

  • Detail

  • Accuracy

  • Control

  • Design

The production system of Liderkit, which integrates all the phases of the product development, allows the realization of important orders in a very tight deadline. Furthermore, the Group has an unbeatable after sales service team.

It is a method where it is necessary to underline 5 points:

  • Design

    Any design required by the customer can become true. We also answer immediately to technical questions.

  • Quality

    We count on the best professionals, facilities and technologies, and we use quality raw materials.

  • Efficacy

    Thanks to our production capacity we can make every Project quickly and to present it in a tight delivery period of time.

  • Guarantee

    All our products meet strict Quality, Environmental, Security and Recycling Regulations at a national level.

  • R&D

    Our intense effort in R&D makes it possible to constantly improve our quality and productivity objectives.