Facilities and Production

Liderkit has one of the biggest plants in Europe in this sector, with more than 48.000 square meters, from which 31.000 are indoors. It is strategically positioned in a busy enclave with very good communications: the Industrial Park El Guadiel, located in Guarroman (Jaen), next to the motorway A-4 or Autovía del Sur (Southern Motorway, previously known as Motorway of Andalusia).

These facilities have successfully passed the quality audits of international standing and big brands in the automotive sector.

  • Technology

  • Automation

  • Experience

  • Productivity

  • Excellence

  • Efficiency

  • Method

  • Ability

  • Detail

  • Accuracy

  • Control

  • Design

The production system of Liderkit, which integrates all the phases of the product development, allows the realization of important orders in a very tight deadline. Furthermore, the Group has an unbeatable after sales service team.

It is a method where it is necessary to underline 5 points:

  • Design

    Any design required by the customer can become true. We also answer immediately to technical questions.

  • Quality

    We count on the best professionals, facilities and technologies, and we use quality raw materials.

  • Efficacy

    Thanks to our production capacity we can make every Project quickly and to present it in a tight delivery period of time.

  • Guarantee

    All our products meet strict Quality, Environmental, Security and Recycling Regulations at a national level.

  • R&D

    Our intense effort in R&D makes it possible to constantly improve our quality and productivity objectives.