EN ISO 9001 Quality management

  • The EN ISO 9001:2015 is a wide spread regulation, applied all over the world, which defines the organization model followed by Liderkit to manage quality.

    It is the documentary tool through which Liderkit plans and develops its activities, ensuring and improving, among others, the quality of our products and of our suppliers’, as well as the compliance with the legal requirements and the specifications of our customers throughout the entire manufacturing process. Accordingly, our principles to become more competitive and to reach a constant growth are:

    1. Client satisfaction. Improving our product and service and maintaining their confidence.
    2. Profitability, as the only way of keeping the innovation and reaching a durable growth.
    3. Follow-up and control of the process and activities according to indicators, obtaining information which allows improving our products, services and management processes.
    4. Collaboration with suppliers, creating new connections based on confidence, transparency, mutual respect and mutual contribution, as well as encouraging their involvement on our products’ quality.

    Quality Certificate 9001Quality and Environment Policy