EN ISO 14001 Environmental management systems

  • The ISO 14001:2015 is an international standard to control and to improve the environmental performance of Liderkit Group, which has a set of implementing measures to protect the environment by virtue of the regulations established. That way, the company takes a strong position in the market as a socially responsible company and satisfies customers who require certified suppliers. Our principles concerning the environmental management are:

    1. Legal, contractual or any other nature compliance: adopting the necessary measures to ensure the compliance of the whole environmental regulation applicable to our activities at a local, regional, national and internal level.
    2. Preventing pollution through preventive measures and, where this is not possible, reducing to the minimum the pollutant emissions.
    3. Reducing waste by recycling and reusing it whenever possible, and using efficiently the natural resources, the raw materials and the energy.
    4. Training and raising awareness among employees about the potentially adverse environmental aspects that may be generated, making them to participate in the respect of our policity.

    Environmental Certificate 14001Quality and Environment Policy