Liderkit on the road

  • Liderkit on the road: south of France

    This section ‘Liderkit on the road’ travels again to France, where we already were interviewing Carrosserie Industrielle Prevost, to check the level of activity in the market. This time is turn for JPM Fersol, a body builder company which dominates the market in the Mediterranean French coast, and which is exclusive supplier of Liderkit’s bodies. […]

  • Liderkit on the road: Czech Republic

    On this occasion, in the section of ‘Liderkit on the road’ we will deepen our presence in Eastern Europe. Especifically to Czech Republic. Jan Suchánek, Purchase Manager of Hagemann, costumer  of Liderkit bodykits from this European country, answers us on several questions about how our product is perceived in the Czech country: Question : How […]

  • Liderkit on the road: Austria

    In this section ‘Liderkit on the road’ we have already travelled around Hungary, France, Germany, Reunion Island and New Zealand. This time we come to Austria to know better about the presence of Liderkit’s bodies in this important European country. For this purpose, three of our Austrian customers have answered some questions. Namely, Felix Zimmermann, […]

  • Liderkit on the road: Hungary

    This time, our section ‘Liderkit on the road’ is getting into the company’s experience around Eastern Europe and, more precisely in Hungary. In this regard, Erika Gecse, from Eurowind, distributor of Liderkit’s products in this country, has contributed with some records. After analysing the most demanded types of bodies in that area, she highlights that […]

  • Liderkit on the road: France

    The neighbouring country joins to our section ‘Liderkit on the road’ to describe the experience as a veteran customer through an interview with Arnaud Brevet, representative of Carrosserie Industrielle Prevost in France. Especially France was one of the first countries, after Portugal and Germany, which Liderkit started operating abroad with; although it reached other continents […]

  • Liderkit in the road: Germany

    Schutz’s truck fleet in Germany, manufactured in collaboration with Liderkit This time our section ‘Lidekit on the road’ tells about our presence in Germany. For this, we have had the cooperation of three of our customers in the Teutonic country, where Liderkit has a 35% sales rate, as shown in this TV report. Manfred Butz […]

  • Liderkit on the road: Reunion Island

    In this new section called ‘Liderkit on the road’, we are going to deepen on our projects in Reunion Island, where we already announced about the new shipment of our box body kits last February. In this respect, Robert Dambreville, Liderkit’s client in this island located to the East of Madagascar, analyses the boxes most […]

  • Liderkit on the road: New Zealand

    This new section will show how Liderkit bodies are seen around the more than 30 countries in the five continents where the products by our company are present. Moreover, the different trends and preferences of the customers in this business will be highlighted depending on the country. On this occasion we start the section with […]