Box bodies by Liderkit are part of the first truck model 100% electric, launched by Daimler in New York

The new model by Daimler, the brand-new Mitsubishi Fuso eCanter, launched just some days ago, is equipped with box bodies of the Andalusian company. Liderkit has taken part in this project thanks to Morgan Corporation, exclusive distributor of its products in the States.

This is the first delivery truck 100% electric, running around New York for UPS, a well-known parcel service company.

With a range of about 100km and intended for urban use, box bodies by Liderkit allow increased loading capacity over handmade units traditional in the States, as they have been made with light materials which reduce weight between 17% and 20%.

Namely, they are Sandwich bodies made of LIDERfoam® panels 30 mm thick. They combine two main components: external surfaces in polyester reinforced with fiberglass, which are the external and internal face of the body, and an insulating core in extruded polystyrene (XPS) or polyurethane (PUR), although other insulating materials could be used depending on customer requirements.

carroceria sandwich liderkit

Sandwich box body by Liderkit mounted on the Fuso eCanter shown in New York

One of the most important features of these panels are lightweight and versatile composition, as it allows a wide range of thickness and different reinforcement materials: steel, wood, aluminium or others. There is the possibility of internal PVC tubes for electrical installations as well.

It is a very complete product by Liderkit due to resistance to UV radiation and the possibility of including antibacterial components, according to health and food service requirements.

carrocerias furgon electrico nueva york liderkit

New electric model of Mitsubishi Fuso eCanter [picture taken from the official web site of Daimler]

The German company Daimler has forecasted the introduction of about 500 units of this model eCanter in the market between 2017 and 2018, starting to produce massively in 2019. This is a delivery truck which could help the environment as well as allow 1.000 euros saving every 10.000 km.

In this regard, new facilities of an electric-charging network have been opened in New York for these units, namely in East Village.

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