A retrospective look upon 2016, a special and active year for Liderkit

This year, which has just a few days left, has been a great one for Liderkit. That is the case for many reasons, but mainly because of the celebration of a major event: its 25th anniversary. The company was founded in 1991, although its origin dates back to the 60s. All this time has allowed Liderkit to manufacture more than 100.000 box bodies, an amazing record!


An increase in turnover and staff

For Liderkit, employees are the most important thing, as these professionals help to reach all daily achievements and make every project a reality. In this regard, the company from Jaén has increased staff by 35% in 2016, reaching 234 employees in total. This increase in the workforce was possible thanks to the 20.5% rise in turnover registered in 2015, compared to the previous year.


The most reinforced areas have been those aimed at Special Projects, that is, those products for specific purpose, such as workshop or mobile satellite units; and also the Panels division and the department in charge of manufacturing Sandwich and Plywood bodies.


It is a fact that 75% of Liderkit’s turnover comes from the international market. And 2016 has not lagged behind in this regard. This year sales have spread out across the national territory, but exportations have also reached different countries of the five continents, such as: Germany, Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the United States, France, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, New Zealand, Portugal, United Kingdom and Switzerland.


Besides, as a new target this year, Liderkit could start business in new countries such as: Canada, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Czech Republic and Qatar. It is also noteworthy, although less significant, the shipment to Reunion Island, a French territory in the Indian Ocean.


As usual, Liderkit has had its own stand in the IAA show 2016 in Hannover, the best showcase for mobility, transportation and logistics business worldwide. It was a successful experience which allowed laying the ground for new innovative projects coming soon.

Prizes and recognition

Liderkit has been awarded in 2016, in particular last October, with the ‘Ejecutivos’ prize in recognition for its business history; a prize awarded by one of the most important financial journals in our country. Liderkit has also been recognized as one of the three winners of Alas Awards in Jaén, given annually by the Economic Affairs and Knowledge Regional Ministry of Andalucia, through its Trade Promotion Agency, Extenda.


Turning points in Isothermal boxes

One of the most relevant products manufactured by Liderkit are isothermal boxes, those intended to keep the goods transported inside at a constant temperature. Proof of this is the new symbolic figure reached by Liderkit in 2016, which attests the level of specialization gained by Liderkit in this kind of products: over 5.000 manufactured isothermal bodies!


In addition, at the beginning of the summer, the new model of Isothermal box was launched, after a year of intensive work and combined efforts made by a group of specialists from the Isothermal Division and the Technical Office.


All the work carried out by Liderkit is shown on the different communication tools used by the company, internal, external, offline and online. On the one hand, Liderkit has kept with its constant presence on the media. But its participation in social networks (Facebook, Twitter y Youtube) is also remarkable, keeping updated news about the company, publishing descriptive infographics about the products or updating sections like Liderkit on the Road, which tells about the activity of the company beyond national borders, among other contents.

Very significant is also its website, with up-to-the minute information and a brand-new and attractive Commercial Catalogue. The newsletters (which you can subscribe to in the language of your choice) and internal messages keep everybody posted about the business and projects carried out from the factory in Guarroman (Jaén).

Finally, the corporate video of the company has had a big impact. With the title, ‘Liderkit, always on the way‘, it shows productive activity from a more personal perspective, a deep insight. In addition to the English version (that you can see below), it is also available in different languages: Spanish, German and French.

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