1991-2016: 25th Anniversary of Liderkit

The commemorative emblem for the 25th Anniversary will be placed on the rear section of our box body kits

This year 2016 is very important for Liderkit Group. We celebrate our 5th anniversary! For 25 years we have been working hard and making an effort, which has led us to where we are today thanks to the great team we have. Therefore, having the possibility to commemorate this special occasion give us relevant strength and energy to face new challenges which may come with full guarantee of success.

Although it’s been 25 years since the Liderkit Group’s adventure started, its origin had been conditioned by a long and rich experience before, during the 60s, 70s and 80s decades. It was 1962 when Miguel Peragón Espinosa, a young and lively man with some knowledge about carpentry, had just arrived to his 18. His early age was not a problem to dare to settle on his own business project and run his own furniture company. Regarding this, everything was going great until one opportunity called at his door: one of the customers required the planning and manufacturing of a box body.

It was something completely new for him, which allowed him to get ahead in a different sector and continuing specializing little by little in the box bodies’ field. He even undertook a new adventure in 1968: the manufacturing of box body kits to be assembled at customers’. It was named Carrocerías Peragón.


Miguel Peragón Espinosa, in his functions

However, it was in 1991, just 25 years ago, when Miguel decided to become a leading company in fabrication of box body kits both at national and international level. This is why both words were melted together, Lider and Kit, to conform Liderkit, which would count with more than 80 employees quite soon. In addition, he diversified his range of products, so 3 years later he would create Prefabricados Peragón, allocated to the production of Sandwich and Plywood; and in 2004 Termocube, for the production of isothermal and fridge bodies.

This combination of these specialized businesses gave rise to Liderkit Group, one brand which was getting so much strength that it started to export to Africa, America, Asia and Oceania, apart from Europe.

Currently, Liderkit Group counts on one of the biggest plants in Europe in this sector, with more than 48.000 square metres in Guarroman (Jaén). From this total, 31.000 metres are indoor and they use a production system which combines all the stages in the development of the product; allowing the realization of important orders in a shorter period of time.


Countries where our body kits are opering

Second generation and department managers

Its management team is composed by the second generation of the family, which keeps competitiveness of the company actively, spreading its models of business and succeeding at increasing sales 40% in the last 6 years. It’s Mª Carmen Peragón, Purchasing Director; Miguel Peragón Responsible for Processes; and Blas Peragón Chief Executive.

Moreover, Liderkit relies on remarkable professionals running the rest of the areas such as Juan de la Cruz Villar, who manges the Marketing and Sales Department, Manuel Soria, Financial Director, and Antonio Ortega, Responsible for Material Resources. The Project Management on special units is directed by Antonio Rubio, and Charo Alcázar is in charge pf the Human Resources Department. On the other hand, the production of Liderkit is controlled by three specialists in different fields like Martin Valdearcos, head of the panels division, Jose Manuel Vallejos, who controls the division of box body kits, and Fernando Soler, in charge of isothermal an fridge bodies.

This is the case of a family business, which in 2015 was awarded with the Family Company Prize on the year by the San Telmo International Institute. Liderkit Group has more than 180 employees with presence in more than 30 countries from the five continents; and it keeps growing, being leader in the national and international market producing box bodies for vehicles, which are supplied in kits to be assembled. The great advantage of this product is its versatility, the quick assembly and the high standard of quality, which together with its powerful investment in Research and Development make Liderkit Group able to achieve products and designs more and more modern.

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